Watch the DriesNote


It's movie night! Twice a year, thousands of Drupalistas get together at DrupalCon. The best part of DrupalCon is the presentation given by
-- called the "DriesNote". It's always entertaining, as well as being informative. If you're not actually at DrupalCon, you should at least watch the DriesNote; it's broadcast for free as it's happening.

In recent years, Dries seems to be talking more and more about making Drupal easier to use, and has specifically called out "Site Builders" as a role that should get more attention. This is music to my ears, since it's something that I've felt strongly about for a long time -- it's what's behind this whole "Simplify Drupal" thing, and 31 Days Of Simplifying Drupal. I'm happy that it's important to Dries, and I keep hoping it will pick up more steam in the Drupal community.

This last October, at DrupalCon Europe in Lille, France, I thought he took it to another level. He presented the DriesNote as an illustrated fairy tale that he narrated. In it, he referenced other CMS systems in a way that was complimentary and, I thought, charming. Enjoy!