image of a confused-looking programmer standing in front of a counter, holding a simple table knife in one hand and a complicated-looking chainsaw in the other, as they contemplate which to use for their sandwich
Jan 1
Prioritize simplicity

site owner
Jan 2
Content owners over coders

site builder
Jan 3
Have a site builder

Short description of the image used by screen readers
Jan 4
Turn off the custom theme

toddler saying stop
Jan 5
Avoid building custom modules

monk documenting code
Jan 6
Module names and descriptions

model ship
Jan 7
Off-line site copies

scrum team
Jan 8
Use Scrum

programmers renovate a kitchen
Jan 9
Custom admin interface

pandas holding letters
Jan 10
Alphabetical group names

docker robots
Jan 11
Use Docker

Jan 12
Watch the DriesNote

Bootswatch subthemes
Jan 13
Bootswatch subthemes

project browser in driesnote
Jan 14
Project Browser

image of a cowboy coming out of an old-timey saloon, looking up at spaceships and jet airplanes passing by tall futuristic buildings
Jan 15
Never name anything "New"

  A group of unique robots and teddy bears traveling across the country in a wagon train, set in Old West America
Jan 16
Always be migrating

Unhappy artists look through a glass door at a programmer painting a web page on a canvas
Jan 17
CSS Editor

The Weekly Drop
Jan 18
The Weekly Drop

A happy child on a simple bicyle and an unhappy adult with a lot of complicated stuff
Jan 19
Let simple things be simple

Animals in a car
Jan 20
Don't be afraid to buck tradition

An alien talks with frustrated humans
Jan 21
Avoid "Drupalisms"

Robot teaching a room full of programmers
Jan 22

A coder who looks like a mad scientist laughs while standing on top of a pile of computer and office furniture
Jan 23
Don't put your best coder in charge of your site! screenshot
Jan 24
Use Pantheon

A Drupal superhero with a laptop keeps a bridge from falling down
Jan 25
You don't need superheroes

A programmers stands on a table in the large room filled with hundreds of corporate employees
Jan 26
Minimize the number of roles

A cowboy types on a laptop while riding a bucking bronco in a rodeo
Jan 27
Cowboy coding

A baby dragon sits in a chair, surrounded by children's book about Drupal technologies like PHP and MySQL
Jan 28
Backdrop CMS

A doctor looks at an X-Ray of a robot and sees SQL inside
Jan 29
Use sql

A screenshot of a wireframe
Jan 30
Wireframes are better than comps

Programmers stand unhappily outside of an office
Jan 31
Don't give your programmers access to your site!