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Project Browser.

Drupal 8 introduced many changes to the way Drupal sites are constructed and managed. One of the more confusing changes has been the use of Composer to install and manage modules and themes. While Composer has some advantages, it has complicated this critical step, which needs to be accessible even to people trying Drupal for the first time.

During his keynote for the (online-only) DrupalCon 2021,
talked about the need to show some more love for Site Builders, and introduced the Project Browser initiative:

Project Browser is still being developed, so while it's technically not yet a way to simplify Drupal, it will be! My friend
is heading up the initiative -- if you'd like to help make Drupal easier to use, consider lending a hand. (For more information, see the #projectbrowser channel on Drupal Slack:, see the link to the initiative page above for meeting times.)