CSS Editor

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17/31 days of making Drupal simpler and easier to manage: CSS Editor module. It's surprisingly difficult to make small visual changes in Drupal -- things like changing a font, setting a background color, putting a border around something. To make even small changes requires modifying a theme, or creating a new one, then getting it onto the server. While that might seem easy for a full-time themer on a development team, what options are there for the part-timer who just wants to make a little change? Fortunately, as the old Drupal saying goes, "There's a module for that!" CSS Editor (https://drupal.org/project/css_editor…) puts a "Custom CSS" field on the theme settings page, into which you can type CSS rules. Just fire up DevTools in your browser, figure out what rule you need to add to get the change you need, then paste it into the Custom CSS field. For quick and simple changes it will get the job done. #drupal #webdevelopment #31daysofsimplifyingdrupal